Established in 1970


Sollenbergers Messenger Service was established in the 1970’s by Nicholas Sollenberger and Mary Ann (Sollenberger) Perry. The business began in the family home and a Chambersburg location was quickly added. By the 1980’s, locations in Shippensburg and Carlisle were added.

In 1992, the business was incorporated and ownership was transferred to their children, Dwight and Michelle when Nicholas retired in 2004. In 1992, a fifth office was added in Harrisburg which acts as the “hub” between the other offices and PennDOT. The business has since received serious upgrades with becoming PennDOT Authorized Partners. This means we have computer systems that link us to the DMV for certain transactions. Therefore, we can process many of your DMV needs instantly!

In August 2020 Sollenberger’s Messenger Service was purchased by Thomas Hrusovsky and in December 2021 the Harrisburg location was moved to and consolidated with the Carlisle office.