Our electronic service can save you valuable time and money by not having to purchase the software, hardware, or even the expense of having additional staff.

What can Sollenberger’s process electronically for you?


  • Temp tags or tag transfers
  • Retail title deals
  • Reconstructed titles
  • Renewal of vehicle registrations


  • Returned to our office within 1-3 business days

We will examine all work before processing. Any rejects will be returned within a few days, eliminating the need for an extension on temporary tags.

Additional Services & Benefits of Using Sollenberger’s Dealer Services

  • Send retail deals to PennDOT for processing
  • Record and track the deals sent to PennDOT
  • Mail registration products to your customers or back to you
  • Apply for your temporary tags and inspection stickers
  • Rejected deals are returned to you, not your customer
  • Change address on Driver’s License
  • Weekly or Monthly computer generated billing
  • Provide a help line for your title clerks
  • Located in Harrisburg, PA with three daily trips to PennDot for faster processing!